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Work and Life Balance

Work and Life Balance

The definition of balance is a state of equilibrium; there is an equal distribution of weight or effort. One does not have an overwhelming influence of the other. Often, however, we have a difficult time finding the proper balance, in any area of our lives. Of these many areas, one of the most important is tying to find the proper work and life balance. It is a delicate subject, one that combines two of the most vital aspects of life.

Strike a Work and Life Balance

Unfortunately, we often throw our lives into a tizzy and lose track of ourselves. Trying to find the best work and life balance for our situations is not an easy task. It takes lots of effort and a constant re-evaluation of your surroundings to correctly identify the appropriate ways to adjust the different areas of your life to achieve balance.

It is this periodic self-evaluation that The Zig Zag Principle will teach you. The grand theme is the road to success is never a straight line. Finding the proper work and life balance is similar in principle; you’ll have to make constant changes between your work life and personal life. It won’t be a perfect straight line, but by taking a hard look an your priorities, you can find what work and life balance is most effective for you. These Zig Zag fundamentals will show you the surest way to success, from finding work and life balance to start a small business.

Trust me, I know that it can be difficult to find work and life balance. I’ve started 32 companies, and each time, I want to dedicate the hours that it takes to get it off the ground. Sometimes it’s hard to find time for family, and even harder to find time for myself. It’s taken time, but I’ve found a formula that works for me. If you implement the lessons I teach in The Zig Zag Principle, you can find the formula that works best for you. Even though I have an active schedule traveling and meeting new people, I still make sure that I save time for my family. You’ll find that a solid support foundation will be more valuable to you than any business connection of innovative idea.

Many businesspeople make the mistake of ignoring the work and life balance. There must be balance between the two. Ignoring one will result in the inevitable destruction of the other. This dramatic self-destruction, though not as intense as the movies depict it, is still a reality. Those who neglect a work and life balance find working taking over their whole lives, and their families end up suffering as a result. However, the opposite is also true; those who neglect their work life will find no success, therefore adding tension to their personal life.

By applying the strategies outlined in The Zig Zag Principle, you’ll learn how to best find a proper formula to achieve your ideal work and life balance.

Feel free to check out the free Zig Zag tools or speak with our small business consultants for more information on striking a balance.