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Rich loves to share The Zig Zag Principle with groups of people, live and in person. We’ve put together a series of events, including boot camps, personal coaching, and corporate training events that will allow you to “live” the process for a bit. This way you can get to know The Zig Zag Principle before embarking on it or before you start a small business. Once you know the road to success is never a straight line, the journey is easier.

These events are entrepreneurial in spirit, meaning each event will help you find the path when you embark on a new business venture or start a small business. The Zig Zag Events are not exclusive to entrepreneurs. These events are excellent for anyone wanting to make a change—whether  you’re a business owner, an executive, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a motivated individual.

Traveling the road to success, requires three things:

  1. Unalterable Determination
  2. An Undeviating Support System
  3. A higher purpose

Rich had a long and successful career before embarking on the entrepreneurial life, as have many other successful entrepreneurs. Attending a Zig Zag events will give you a sense of what you will encounter and what you will need to travel the road to success.

Feel free to contact us for more information on upcoming events.

Upcoming events:

–        Sept 23-24 • Prosper Live Presentation

–        Sept 27 • Special Webinar 5-6pm MT register & participate

–        Sept 28 • Twitter Party 7-9pm MT, @richchristianse, #zigzag

–        Sept 29 • What’s Going Down Up North Conference Keynote register

–        Oct 4 • Official Book Launch! Join the teleseminar where Rich will answer your Zigzag questions. Teleseminar from noon to 1pm MT, 801-656-2240 code: 021334#

–        Oct 15 • Zig Zag Launch Party get tickets and register

–        Oct 28-29 • CEO Conference Presentation

–        November 11-12 • Financial Enlightenment Presentation