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“Five Goal-Setting Secrets from Las Cabos”

Post by Rich on January 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today I give you my favorite post of the entire year! It’s so chill and I’m doing what is probably the single most productive activity for the entire year when it comes to having a successful business.
My notepad, as you can see, is here on the sand. I am in sunny Los Cabos. If you’ll look back around here you’ll see we’re at the Westin Resort and here we come all the way back around to me. Every morning and every night we walk this beach. It’s about three and a half miles round-trip and if we’re lucky we see maybe five or six people. Every morning I get up and have a massage and on top of that I’ve eaten the most delicious tacos in the entire world.

So what does this have to do with business? Well, this is one of the most important events in my life for the year. Entrepreneurs live the most intense, crazy, and brain-dead life that is possible to live. Today I have five really important tips for you about decompressing. Stephen Covey talks about unstringing the bow and getting into Quadrant Two and I tell you it’s the reason I’m going to flourish.
Ok, there’s my note board in the sand, and look at that beautiful ocean and the surf! It’s unbelievable. I feel like I could take on an army right now.

Number One: You getaway must be longer than one or two days. Schedule five days, preferably twice a year, but if you can’t do it twice make sure you schedule at least one getaway a year. Taking five days is very important. You’re still really wound up at the end of two or three days and it takes until the fourth or fifth day that you get to calm down. Point number one is that it has got to be five days.

Number Two: Back to my board here, the second one is calm. Go someplace that is calm. Don’t go to New York City and don’t go to the heart of Singapore. Go somewhere that’s naturally calm where your soul can decompress and you can chill. Alright, what’s my next one?

Number Three: Unplug. Disconnect your cell phone and your Internet and take time where you’re not jittery or have to check in every five minutes.

Number Four: Dream. Go to a place that is calm and that you can let yourself go and just dream of what to be and what is possible. It is amazing how in those calm, dream-filled moments the real clarity comes and you see what is possible.

Number Five: This last one is actually really counter-intuitive and it is this: Inevitably through your vacation you will have some moments of “Ahh! Anxiety!” Or “Oh! What about my work?” Allocate yourself some time and say, “For the next ten minutes acknowledge that I am stressed about that contract not coming through or that vendor not getting paid.” Ok, ready, set, go and go as deep as you can on that for five minutes and for that time you’re going to give your worries an audience and after those five or ten minutes I’m going to toss it in the ocean just like a seashell and just let it go.

So if and when you have any anxiety or stress moments acknowledge it, sit with it, live with it, give it an audience, and that will keep the bogey in the back closet.
Again, I encourage everyone to find your own Los Cabos. My favorite place is this little remote beach here with San Juan on one side and Los Cabos on the other with highly delicious tacos and lots of calm. Find your calm place, find your peaceful place, and go there. I promise you that your productivity and your effectiveness in your business will exponentially go through the roof.

Happy Zigzagging to everyone!