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“Philosophy for Mental Preparation”

Post by Rich on April 17, 2012 in Business Advice, Entrepreneurs, Rich Christiansen, Zig Zag Videos

I just returned from Boston where I had the opport

unity to talk with and learn from the great business sage Warren Rustand. This amazing man shared with me, his philosophy for mental preparation. And I’d like to share it with you.

Warren says one of the things he has discovered is the necessity of preparing the mind to have a great day.

“I have a drill I do every morning.” He explains that it works for him, it’s worked for millions of others, and it will work for you. It’s about, “Setting your mindset for success.” Here’s a brief explanation of the steps:

1. Pop out of bed. Sit on the edge of bed and think great thoughts about yourself and the impact that you’ll have on people during the day.

2. Set apart the next 30 minutes broken into10 minute segments, in the following way:
– Read great, positive, inspiring thoughts. Avoid anything negative.
– Sit back and think great thoughts about the world. Think outside of your immediate environment. Extend your thought to the world.
– Take out a personal journal. Handwrite (no electronic device or data processing) the great things that are going on in your life.

These are Warren Rustand’s simplified actions to have a more positive mindset and in turn to be more successful each day.

Although I’ve applied portions of that to my life, here and there, I’ve never done so in that sequence. I’m excited about applying this to my morning—in fact I’ve already started! And I hope you’ll join me.

Warren isn’t just talking here–he’s lived it. He’s worked for US Presidents, earned a gold medal, ran large corporations—he’s the epitome of what I aspire to.

I’d like to thank Warren for taking time to share and teach me. I know this will have a large impact on our success if we apply it.

As Warren says at the close of the video, “I think that’s what our life is about. It’s learning from each other, sharing with each other, and then caring for each other. When we do that, we will impact the world.”

Well said, by a great man.

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