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What Others Are Saying

Before you dig into The Zig Zag Principle, check out what others are saying about the book, the principle, and the author.



“Rock-solid principles so simple that you will read this book wondering how you could have missed seeing truths that are so obvious.”

— Stephen R. Covey, bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People








“Your Zig Zag principle is more powerful than the “release and iterate” mentality which is so prevalent today. I have adjusted my planning to incorporate this principle in our product launches. Properly executed, the Zig Zag Principle will keep folks like me out of financial hot water.”

— David McInnis, founder of, founder and CEO of Cranberry LLC






Plow straight ahead to reach your goal? Rich Christiansen has unlocked the key to saving yourself a lot of time and money in your business with his Zig Zag Principle. Rich’s advice is straightforward, sensible, and most importantly, he has proven that it works time after time. Want the problem of too much success in business? Read the book and get ready.”

— Brandon Allen, Partner/The Business Blueprint




“Most business owners get caught up in reaching their end-goal, not realizing that their initial goal is actually amoving target
I, like most small business owners and entrepreneurs, have been guilty of this, but I found the solution in Rich Christiansen’s Zig Zag Principle. Through using his system, I’ve been able to successfully navigate the transition of my business from one service area to another.”

“Without having learned the Zig Zag Principle, I am confident that not only would my business transition been painful — it would have been a complete disaster. I’ve learned to fail efficiently, thanks to Rich.”

— Michael R. Drew, President, Promote A Book Inc.



“I’ve personally known and worked with Rich Christiansen since 2007. This I know: He’s the real thing. Rich confidently delivers, and humbly acknowledges the challenges every entrepreneur faces. He’s been there. Rich is truly the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. The Zig Zag Principle is the first start-up road map I’ve seen that really works. It’s simple to understand. It can be successfully applied to any bootstrapped business (or frugal enterprise).

“More importantly, it gets results. Like magic. It gets money coming in the door, fast. Good customers buying your products and services. The Zig Zag Principle reduces risk while it clears the path for real, sustainable success. And it scales, baby! Save yourself the pain of spinning your wheels hoping to raise investment for your start-up. Simply apply Rich’s formula. What are you waiting for?”

— Mark Alan Effinger, CEO, Rich Content Corporation

“The Zig Zag Principle highlights the perfect balance between staying focused on what’s most important in a business, but also helps you become aware of opportunities you may not have seen coming. Since I’ve learned about this concept, I’ve been able to let go of some of my fierce desire to stay focused on only one objective and open my eyes to opportunities that I would have normally passed up. The result is a business that has evolved into something I didn’t envision three years ago — it’s better.”

Nick Wood, Owner,

“The Zig Zag Principle has revolutionized the way I run my business. It works, it measures, it performs. Every business should know and implement this principle!”

Curtis Blair, VP of Channel & Partner Alliances DirectPointe