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The Zig Zag Principle

One day while working on his first book, Bootstrap Business, Rich had an epiphany. While trying to set goals and decide where to take his test-case business, Rich drew a zig zag on his white board and declared, “We simply Zig Zag!”

Since that day, Rich has started several additional businesses, contemplated and meditated this zig zag path, and tried and tested his principle. The end result is the effective and powerful Zig Zag Principle. In a nut shell The Zig Zag Principle is a revolutionary goal-setting strategy that will revolutionize your business and your life.

The Zig Zag Principle is also a book available for pre-order.

For a more detailed look at the benefits of applying the principle to your business, consider The Value Propositions listed below. These are the things you will learn and espouse after reading the book, The Zig Zag Principle.

1.  Learn how to take a business to profitability, quickly.

2. Figure out how to fail:

– One must know how to fail efficiently.

– Learn how to fail without risking everything. You are going to have a failure, best to learn how to do it quickly, get over it, learn from it and move onto the next thing.

3.  Discover how to motivate yourself and your team to make the necessary adjustments to succeed.

4.  Set goals and learn how to avoid the big hard difficult obstacles that get in your way and still get to a big successful outcome.

5.  Learn to create processes and then put them in place. Also perfect the art of hiring team members in a way that is consistent with company values, and allows you to maintain an enjoyable lifestyle while traveling the road to success.

6.  Learn how to work on the business, not in the business. Learn to scale a business that supports a quality lifestyle without having to continually juice the business and work super hard day in and day out, just to earn money.

7.  Learn how to build a business that lasts and that is durable, as well as one that is set up properly from the beginning?

8.  Discover how to keep yourself on track and maintain a successful business.

9.  Find out how to do all this while maintaining an appropriate and enjoyable work and life balance. You do not have to sacrifice everything to be a successful entrepreneur.