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“Transparency is Powerful”

Post by Rich on December 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

p>This past weekend I was invited by Nancy Singleton to speak at a conference. I sit in a Mastermind with her and I’ve always liked and respected Nancy. She has amazingly high energy, a can-do attitude, and most important of all is her sheer, raw belief that anything is possible.

Nancy asked me to speak on the new world of SEO and present a new technology that will allow people to find and retain leads for their sites and businesses. I was particularly impressed as Nancy got in front of the crowd and, with transparency and openness, explained that some of the theories that she thought were high-powered last year actually ended up not working. One example she specifically stated was that social media turned out not to be a lead generation source, as she initially suspected it would, but instead was more of a supportive technology. The crowd was instantly drawn to Nancy via her truthfulness and listened intently to everything else she had to say.

Later on that night I watched as Nancy and her family played bluegrass music together and there was Nancy up on the stage, strum, strum, strumming her instrument and again I noticed how everyone was naturally drawn to Nancy.

I think one of her greatest characteristics is her authentic, open transparency. Too often in life we attempt to behave perfectly and act like we know everything and when we make a mistake we’re afraid to admit it. I believe Nancy’s following is largely drawn to her because of her authentic openness and transparency. We can all take note and learn a lesson from this. When we make a mistake we can admit it, when we stub our toe we can show it, and when learn something new we can adjust and adapt. I think this is one of the most powerful ways we can gain and retain new followers.

Thank you Nancy for once again teaching me this profound lesson.