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Good morning, everyone! I”m coming to you live from my office today! It”s been a little while. Today”s topic was important enough that I wanted to go face to face with you. I”m so thrilled with the outcome of what we”ve seen from the Zig Zag Principle. Only one in ten small businesses were succeeding. The people that are using Zig Zag Principle and have read it we”re finding that one in six, and one in seven are finding success. Really a great increase in the odds, but something really troubles me. That”s still too low of odds. The reality is the individuals that I”ve mentored (or there”s been mentoring in some form), the odds for success are one in two to one in three. I like those odds a lot better. 

This has been a real quandary for me. There”s no way that I can individually mentor everyone. I have no training program. I have no big boot camps or anything like that to get one on one with individuals, but I know that the odds of success are so much higher if you actually engaged in the system and have some type of mentoring and interaction going on. To that end I”m doing something that I haven”t done before. I”m endorsing and I”m encouraging you small business owners who are struggling to go engage with Rick Sapio. He runs a website called “Business Finishing School”. It has high-definition, quality videos that go through many of the processes and discuss many of the topics in detail that I have covered and it also provides you a level of engagement and feedback that quite frankly we haven”t been able to provide you in Zig Zag Principle. 

As you know, Rick Sapio is probably quoted more in the book than any other individual. There are two specific things that I really drew on from him. First of all is the values as the basis and second of all the concept of dismissing inappropriate things from your life in the form of a gatekeeper. 
I encourage you to click on and go to Business Finishing School as part of this blog post. As I was discussing with Rick he”s going to give you a money-back guarantee here. He”s also going to give you a signed copy of Zig Zag Principle and invite you to the big event that”s coming up and I encourage you to investigate this, to look at this, and sign up for his program. It will definitely increase your probability of success. 
Good luck, go forward, Zig Zag, and find success.

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