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Who is Zig Zag For?

Rich wrote The Zig Zag Principle for everyone from entrepreneurs and small business owners to corporate managers who dream of moving on. No matter where you are on your journey, The Zig Zag Principle  will help you navigate the road to success. The book also complements the Zig Zag Events we offer.

You’ll know that The Zig Zag Principle is for you if you:

• Work in the corporate world and want control of your life by creating a side venture

• Want to create an exit strategy from corporate America by carefully growing a business

• Can bring a few thousand dollars to realizing your goal

• Already ran a business and need additional help to realize its (and your) potential

• Want to break the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck

• Have caught the entrepreneurial bug but need structure and direction to pursue your dreams

• Looking for a business plan model that works

The principles in the book can guide you, inspire you, and demonstrate some of the things that the business schools seem to overlook. Most importantly this book teaches that you don’t have to charge at your goal, you can get to it one step at a time.

These Principles Are for Everyone
Anyone with a bit of determination (well, a lot of determination) can take The Zig Zag Principle and run with it. Or, to put it more realistically—readers can zig and zag to success. You can apply these concepts  to create value in any kind of business, new or already running. No matter what field you work in: it’s sales, technology, manufacturing, service industries, etc—The Zig Zag Principle can serve as your business plan model. Watch an in-depth interview where Rich explains the details of The Zig Zag Principle in a easy to understand and friendly fashion.

First-Timers Can Save Stacks of Money

The Zig Zag Principle gives you a business plan model to follow. It gives you the insight into how to avoid the big mistakes. This book shows you how to live according to the laws of nature and how to deliberately detour and increase your chance of success. This is the stable way to live your life, to build your business, and to succeed.

Experienced Business Owners Will Learn Principles and Practices They May Be Missing

A huge number of small business owners will benefit from the insights, practical tips, and wisdom of The Zig Zag Principle. We initially developed the book for start-up entrepreneurs, but we’ve found that small business owners have been most vocal in asking about it! The Zig Zag Principle addresses the kinds of rough terrain small business owners must navigate on a daily basis. This includes skills such as how to scale a business, how to compete with larger companies, and how to manage cash flow.

Seasoned Entrepreneurs Can Benefit Too

Experienced entrepreneurs will embrace this book because it helps build upon the fundamental concepts entrepreneurs experience. The Zig Zag Principle provides a structure and framework (a business plan model, of sorts) upon which entrepreneurs can build future endeavors.

The book and the principles behind it can guide you, inspire you, and demonstrate that you don’t have to charge at your goal, you can get to it step by step.